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    The XGZF4000 series flow sensor is designed with a temperature difference gas flow sensor chip through MEMS technology, which integrates the heat source, thermistor, and precision resistance; Reasonable flow channel design to make the pressures stable; it provides high-precision, fast response processing circuit, as well as MEMS integrated circuit + special calibration circuit that can process the internal temperature compensation and calibration. It can accurately obtain accurate, real-time and effective flow signals to ensure the high stability and reliability of the product..


    The application of sensors can make the patient feel more comfortable during the treatment process, the use of the equipment is safer and more reliable, and the performance is more stable. At the same time, it can greatly improve the cost-effectiveness of medical equipment, reduce the risk of contamination and extend the service life. XGZF4000 series flow sensors can be widely used in various medical equipment, such as anesthetics, ventilators, infusion pumps, insulin pumps, oxygen generators, etc.

XGZF4000 Air Flow Sensor

images11.jpgHigh sensitivity, wide measuring range 

Internal temperature compensation calibration 

High accuracy, high resolution

Reliable quality, stable performance, low cost 

The latest generation of MEMS chip technology 

Linear output 

Fast response time 

Resistant to condensated water

images (11).jpg

Flow sensor used in anesthesia machine

Flow sensor applied to the ventilator

Flow sensor used in the oxygen generator

Flow sensor used in hospital diagnostic equipment

                                           XGZF4000 AIR FLOW sensor



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