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E6897D Evaluation Board

                  E6897D evaluation board is a Demo version designed by our company to evaluate XGZP6897D pressure sensor module. The product consists of test board, burner and LCD etc,.The program is compiled by C language and supports re-editing. Easy installation, simple operation, and power supply through USB or screw terminals; After power-on, the pressure value is directly displayed direclty and clearly through the LCDr; The accuracy range can be ±1PaThe product is strong and durable, and the burning seat can be recycled more than 10,000 times; It is convenient for customers to evaluate product performance and provide convenient and efficient solutions


·Applicable Sensor Model: XGZP6897D

·Differential & Gauge Pressure

·For Non-corrosive Gases

·Optional 5v or 3.3V Power Supply

·I2C Version

·Dual Power Supply Mode, Display Output

·Support Re-editing

·LCD Display




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