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Safe Note
Time: 2021.01.09

● Do not use these sensors under any circumstances in which the range of their ratings, environment conditions or other specifications are exceeded. Using the sensors in any way which causes their specifications to be exceeded may generate abnormally high levels of heat, emit smoke, etc., resulting in damage to the circuitry and possibly causing an accident.
● Before connecting a connector, check the pin layout by referring to the connector wiring diagram, specifications diagram, etc., and make sure that the connector is connected properly. Take note that mistakes made in connection may cause unforeseen problems in operation, generate abnormally high levels of heat, emit smoke, etc., resulting in damage to the circuitry.
● Do not use any pressure sensor which has been disassembled or remodeled.
● Protection circuit recommended.
The possible failure mode is either open or short of the output transistor.
An ecess heat is the cause for short mode failure. For any important and serious application in terms of safety, add protection circuit or any other protection method.
• Various safety equipment and safety equipment
• Traffic light
• Security crime prevention equipment
• Equipment concerning control and safety of trains, cars, etc.
• Applications such as temperature control using sensor output etc.
● If it is expected that malfunction of each sensor may cause injury to persons or serious expansion damage, be sure to implement safety measures such as double safety circuit.




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