Our R&D Team

CFSensor now has more than 60 professional R&D staff, and the core members have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. The company has independent intellectual property rights and abundant technology reserves in the field of pressure, temperature, flow, gas, position, temperature and humidity sensors, and has applied for more than 150 patents and obtained more than 60 authorised patents.



Improving The Performance

All the time, CFSensor R&D team have been committed to improving the performance and structure of sensor products, especially in the layout design of integrated circuits to further optimize product performance.


Successfully Developed Products

The R&D team have gone through multiple fabrication, package and experiments to overcome the difficulties in the R&D process and solvev arious issues. They have successfully developed various pressure sensor products with excellent performance, and have obtained inventions and inventions issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.


Technological Innovation

These patent are an effective practice of the company's advocacy of technological innovation, which has comprehensively improved the company's MEMS product manufacturing level, effectively improved the whole quality of the product with high practical value.


Promote Development

The acquisition of the patent is conducive to our company's further improvement of the intellectual property protection system, reflects our company's technological leadership in the field of sensor product research and development, improves the company's core competitiveness, and promote the company's future development.